“Woman that defied our traditional rites dried up immediately” – Oba Fasiku, Elekole of Ikole

The Elekole of Ikole-Ekiti, paramount ruler of Egbeoba Kingdom in Ekiti state, Oba Adewunmi Fasiku, Aladesekole made an eye-rolling revelation about a female royal family member died immediately because she defied the tradition. He was speaking while granting a one-on-one interview with  GBENRO ADEOYE of Punch Newspaper where he revealed that some cultures are dirty and should be stopped.

Are there taboos that strangers need to know about the town?

There are certain places that strangers are not allowed to go to. At times when our traditional rites are held, strangers are not allowed to be there. Apart from strangers, during certain rites, not all people of Ikole are allowed to be there except members of the families involved in performing the ritual. There is one ritual called ‘Ere Ile.’ You are not allowed to be out when the ritual is going on whether you are a visitor or even the son and daughter of the soil. We have another ritual we perform during which women are not allowed to come out; it is called ‘Isemole.’ They do it in other towns in Ikole too. A notable town where they do it is Ikorodu. They announce that women should not come out during the period.

With modernisation, are these rituals not being questioned?

If they say this what happens in a town, and you disagree, it is for you to question it, and you have the right to question. But if you have been told what should be done and not to be done in the town and you dare to do them, whatever consequences that follow should be accepted. There was someone from a royal family who did it, she thought she could use her influence as some from the royal family to do it. Women were told not to come out, but she went out and dried up immediately. She died immediately. If they say they don’t something in a community, don’t say you want to go and do it. You have been warned and whatever repercussion you see, you are on your own.


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