Step Up Your Fashion Game with Ankara and Sneakers

This is year 2020, the beginning of a decade. Why don’t you set a trend that will never fade out? Get creative with your ankara (native wears) and sneakers. Remember, High heels can have a number of long-lasting negative health effects on your body, extending just beyond the foot.

But on the other hand, sneakers have to check a lot of boxes. Comfort comes first, of course. But they have to look fresh, go with everything (not just workout clothes and real clothes), and bonus if they’re photogenic. Plus, in 2020, we’re starting to think about sustainable options that are made using more eco-friendly materials.

With your lovely gowns, vibrant trousers and top styles, you can rock the African print with your best sporty and chic shoe fashion – sneakers. Your Ankara design and other native wears will depend on your fashion taste. The combination of the sneakers and the African print fashion is adorable and always trendy.

If you love to rock gowns, you can for the elastic shoulder with or without ruffles. They also fit perfectly with mini body con gowns, and midi dresses. You can choose a colour from the pattern of your African as a complement with your sneakers or you can choose to rock a pair with a monochrome shade.


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