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The Hidden Jewel In Nigeria: Discover The City Of Jebba

Jebba which means “water is flowing here” is a city divided between two states: Kwara and Niger. Northern Jebba is regarded as the historical and ancient Jebba. But the city is hardly regarded as a popular tourist destination in Nigeria.

Upon arriving at the bank of River Niger in ancient Jebba North, we met little kids diving and having the best of times. The river provides for

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Check Out These Six UNESCO World Heritage Tourism Sites In Nigeria

When the first white men set their foot on the shores of what would later be known as Nigeria, what they discovered was enchanting, far from the stereotype of a land full of savages. They discovered a beautiful land with amazing landmarks and people with well-developed crafts. A major testimony

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Idanre Hills: experience the peak of nature

Idanre Hills or Oke Idanre is located in Idanre town in Ondo State, southwestern Nigeria. Idanre Hills, with highest peak reached by six hundred and sixty seven (667) steps remains one of the wonders of nature and a marvelous tourist destination. Estimated to be over 800 years, it is found to be fifteen kilometres (15km) South West of Akure, the State Capital. The ancient town is on the hill top while the new settlement is at the base of the hills. Idanre Hills, in the past offered protection against invaders and are appeased annually.

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Royal Park : Perfect destination for corporate retreats

From corporate meetings to incentive programmes to product launches to a film location, Royal Park International Hotel offers an unrivalled and utterly impressive setting. The hotel is located at Iloko-Ijesa, a friendly community in Oriade Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria.

This lovely resort features 89 rooms located among beautiful hills and mountain views, and four well technologically equipped conference rooms that can accommodate 80 to 1200 people for your corporate meetings and unforgettable social events.

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Calabar – the people’s paradise

Whenever Calabar is mentioned, the annual Carnival Calabar comes to mind. Undeniably, Carnival Calabar is one of the biggest events in Africa but it happens only in December. Apart from this festival, every day in Calabar offers you everything you may need in any Western city in the world.

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